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  • Mirc | 2 Years ago | Sa7an Real Dox
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    1. well Keep TZrying Well Guess fucking What i Did And you just got doxed mr Undoxable GOD AKA STAN CARR
    3. Sa7ans Dox
    4. Name: Stan Carr
    5. Location: Hicksville, OH 43526
    6. Number:419-542-5173
    7. ISP Account ID:3859732732
    9. got ur Shit from ur isp dum Bitch
    10. sit the fuck down and suck a big one
    12. Skype:iLLSeC
    13. AIM:XanderisBoss
    14. Email:Pirate@Comcast.Net
    15. Website:iLLSeC.Gov