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4 Years ago
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  1. Hi konroi! It's Heisenberg, your lover. Yeah you totally owned me back in that chat... If that's what "owned" actually means to you. Just wondering how you been, I saw your comment on my blog and thought maybe you missed me, I know how much you loooove me <3
  3. Anyway, congrats on posting all my info, I've already been swatted and stuff, so go ahead and repeat history if you'd like. I bet you have a massive hard on when posting stuff about me, since clearly you just can't stop... And yet you say I am the "dick rider"? Hm.
  5. Grow up Danny, go get a life and a job and just get off the computer. You're smart (well, for the most part anyway), go put that intelligence (or lack thereof) to good use.
  7. Extra note:
  8. I'm a super madbro and forgot to mention I wrote this big blog about iKonroi one night while I was bored and had nothing better to do, so I thought to my self " let's for no reason out of the blue make a blog that no one would show any interest to besides my self because Konroi makes my penis so hard like no other besides my mother" Witch link can be found here http://xeon.me/2012/08/skidpaste-org-is-a-complete-fraud/
  10. I also forgot to mention the fact that I put my dumb ass in this situation by messaging iKonroi randomly after almost a month of not speaking to him, well him not speaking to me* because I'm a worthless piece of shit, witch is why my dox got dropped somewhere over.... oh here it is: http://skidpaste.org/qBFjMG3N
  12. And that chat log I was speaking of that Mr Konroi my best friend ever posted is here: http://skidpaste.org/wy0i8iYi now it appears to me that I started that off and fed the fuel to the fire asking for him to post a chat log of my high level of stupidity.
  14. Now because I'm a stupid fuck who tried to piss off someone who clearly has a level of intelligence way beyond mine my Dox is now public after (Paying someone to remove it) - shown on line 197-200 in http://skidpaste.org/wy0i8iYi hence the fact I'm a scared bitch who yet claims to live alone but actually lives with my brother because my pathetic self is to stuck up the butt with people like Konroi who shit on me and make me look bad. So I get angry and rage on his SkidPaste after making a blog on how shitty it is and fuck my self in the bum
  16. Bye buddy :)
  17. I love you, I'll miss your nice fat cock.
  20. http://0bin.net/paste/ec6a7f65067f2f7975bd56191792e4bef99dd72f#8gEI2kAnS6cLymopDZkOVYzmTFYGpw51f/6QD6zA6dU=


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