About SkidPaste
SkidPaste is the original anonymous social network since 2011. We pride ourselves in bringing a few unique twists to the average online text board/paste experience.

We offer several unique features such as:
  • User Profiles - No Signups Required.
  • Tripcode Identification
  • Public & Private Pastes
  • Comments On Pastes & Profiles
  • An Active Community of Hackers
  • DMCA Ignored/DDOS Protected Host
  • Blackhat Friendly
  • 100% SSL Secured & Enforced

  • Contact Us
    E-Mail: [email protected]
    Skype: SkidPaste.Admin
    Twitter: SkidPaster

    Bitcoin: 14HTXsQALTNnhcMz4vL4faLXPGctur7ZnF

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